Jeff's Pick:
The Shape of Water
A Creature Romance

Guillermo del Toro is well known for the non-human creatures that have populated his movies from Pan’s Labyrinth to the Hellboy franchise and the original Pacific Rim film, but while some may consider him a “romantic filmmaker” in terms his classical Hollywood style and the fantastical worlds he creates, he is not really known as a director of romantic films. But with his new film, The Shape of Water, Del Toro pulls off an impressive trick by combining the creature feature with a classic Hollywood-style romance.

There were a lot of very good movies released in 2016 and many of them were smaller movies that might be lesser known or completely unknown to the average moviegoer. I never pretend that I can tell people what the “best” movies of the year are because movies are such a subjective experience. The best I can do is share the movies that were my favorites and hope that one or two of them will catch the fancy of others So without any further ado, here are my favorite movies released wide in 2016.