Three Cheers for Ultimate Gift

Sheila Dean wrote:

We absolutely loved The Ultimate Gift. It never came to our local theatres, so we drove approximately one-half hour to get to it… It left way too quickly! We wanted to share it with many of our Christian friends. What can we do? (Besides wait for the DVD. I sure hope they make one!)

Well, it’s tough to do much once a film leaves the theaters—and very often, there’s not even much you can do when the film is still playing, because distributors often book certain films for fixed runs no matter what boxoffice returns look like. It’s a pipeline capacity problem: only so much room for so much product on the screens, and something (potentially) juicier can push something pretty decent out of the theater in spite of a successful run.

But this may be a small secret: most films these days actually make more money off their DVD releases than off their theatrical runs—so keep up the word of mouth about The Ultimate Gift if you liked it. The more people who hear about it, the better DVD sales will be, and it’s a lot easier to keep DVDs stocked than it is keeping a movie onscreen.

Check out Video ETA for up-to-date plans for The Ultimate Gift’s DVD release. It’s currently slated for August.