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Transporter 3
Monsieur Frank Is Back

In Transporter 3, Jason Statham returns to the role that first made him an action star. He’s Frank Martin, a former Special Forces officer who now does odd driving jobs for some less than legitimate clients. This time, however, he is unavailable, fishing with his French inspector buddy, and suggests another person for the job. When that doesn’t work out, the bad guys come knocking on his door, determined to make him available whether he wants to be or not. Transporter 3 is a non-stop action ride with some fantastic stunts and a charismatic leading man.

The Next Harry Potter?

According to the hype, Twilight is the new tween sensation, the next Harry Potter and the movie that is creating a tourist trap out of a place named Forks, Washington; just a short ride across the water from my hometown. The preview screening echoed with high-pitched giggles and shrilling cheers and at times I felt like I was on the outside, looking in on some kind of inside joke, but even though director Catherine Hardwicke has proved to have a talent for hard-hitting independent features, she seems to lack the flair for the fantastic of a Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, or even a Chris Columbus.

Anatomy of a Christian Approach to Movies
Christian Cinema, Meet PtP

Past the Popcorn, now partnered with Christian, is an attempt to reflect, through criticism, the love that Christ has for artists working in film. We hope to do that (albeit imperfectly) by demonstrating that we at least care what these filmmakers’ works are trying to say—whether we agree with those ideas and worldviews or not. The world knows full well that Christians know how to speak, and how to speak loudly. We’re trying to demonstrate that Christians also know how to listen, and listen attentively. As to the question of whether anyone ought to be seeing any of these films… well, given that Hollywood entertainment is arguably the art-world’s equivalent of crack cocaine, even The Sound of Music can be seductively dangerous.

PtP Forms New Partnership
Christian Cinema Picks Up Site

We’re glad to have new partners to provide PtP with high-quality hosting, and a new venue for syndicating our content, both at Christian Cinema and its partners. Under the arrangement, I will be writing a weekly column for Christian Cinema, usually a review of a new DVD release, with an occasional commentary or movie review thrown into the mix. Those reviews will be syndicated back to PtP and other publications associated with CC. Jeff Walls will be coming back as our sole movie reviewer, assuming editorial oversight for his own assignments. I have wildly valued the relationships that Jenn and I have developed with our staff of writers over the last two years. While we are terribly sad that we can no longer continue to publish PtP under the same model that we had been, and therefore cannot continue to work with all these wonderful writers and friends, we are very grateful that we have found new partners to at least continue the work in a modest fashion.