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The Five-Year Engagement
It’s Never-Ending

It looks like Jason Segel has finally forgotten Sarah Marshall. The actor and that movie’s director Nicholas Stoller now reunite for another Judd Apatow-produced (read: R-rated) romantic comedy. In The Five-Year Engagement, Segel, as chef Tom Solomon, is not trying to forget an ex-girlfriend, but rather to get his current squeeze to marry him. It’s a good goal, but even though she is immediately on board with the idea, the actual accomplishment of that goal proves to be somewhat complicated. More complicated than it should be, really. High hopes for this comedy are teased in the opening act, but then are dashed in the weighty mid-section.

The Cabin in the Woods
Horror Reinvented

It all sounds so clichéd: five college students—the jock, the good girl, the brain, the sexpot, and the pothead—travel to a remote lake cabin for some unruly fun. Of course, cell phones get no reception where they are going, and to get there, they need to stop and get directions from a creepy hillbilly. We all think we know where this movie is going—even the characters in this movie are often aware of the clichés that they are walking into—but when it comes to The Cabin in the Woods, it turns out we have no idea. This is bound to be a big hit with horror fans and should also please those that are less inclined to watch a horror movie, but love great entertainment… as long as they don’t mind a little blood and gore—okay, a lot of blood and gore.

A Movie with a Message

Outside of possibly The Hunger Games, Bully is the most talked about movie of 2012 to date. The debate is over the rating. The MPAA suffered a backlash when it handed this documentary an R-rating as its supporters—and there are many—don’t want theater chains to be turning away the film’s intended audience (the rating has now been changed to PG-13). That audience is school-age kids, whom the filmmakers hope will be able to take this film’s message to heart and make a stand against bullying, which this movie shows to have tragic consequences.

Where’s the Riot?

The television spots for Lockout advertise “the biggest prison riot in history,” but watching the movie about the escape of nearly 500 prison inmates, one has to wonder: where are they? Trapped on an orbiting space prison, our wise-cracking hero and tough-talking damsel in distress sure spend a lot of time hanging out in abandoned corridors, considering there are supposedly hundreds of crazed inmates wandering around. To focus on details like this will only drive a person insane while watching this new movie from the creators of Taken, but if you don’t fret the details, you might find yourself having some fun.