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Triple 9
Cops and Crooks

It features a star-studded cast that includes Casey Affleck, involves a heist, and has a number in the title, but by no means should you walk into Triple 9 expecting another Ocean’s Eleven. Whereas Ocean’s was light and breezy, Triple 9 is about as dark and gritty as movies come. There are few—if any—characters worth rooting for in this drama, but the action scenes do make it worth a look.

Hail, Caesar!
The Coens Visit Old Hollywood

No director(s) in Hollywood so easily transition from drama to comedy and back again as the Coen Brothers. The writing and directing duo take on old Hollywood in their latest comedy entitled Hail, Caesar! It is a fascinating concept and there are individual scenes throughout the movie that are fantastic on their own, but the whole, unfortunately, does not quite live up to the sum of its parts. Even though it falls a little short of its promise upon initial viewing, however, I look forward to revisiting it in the future.