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2 Days in Paris
A Dialogue-driven Adult Romance

2 Days in Paris is written extremely well and will have even the shyest audience laughing, like when Daniel Bruhl cameos as an animal rights activist, who, after listening to Jack’s tale of woe at a fast food chain, proceeds to tell him he’s a real-life fairy and blows up the joint. Delpy herself calls this film an “unromantic movie” and it certainly maintains that title, but the subtle dissection of female and male/French and American psyches is intriguing and well worth the watch for those in love, or not. This dialogue-driven romance goes beyond the cliché of yet another American in Paris.

Delivering “Happily Ever After”

The movie is filmed artfully with sweeping shots of the Swiss countryside contrasted with the stark modernism found in the city. The story, though a bit long, does an excellent job of portraying the situation through the eyes of a child, and it succeeds in developing each storyline it begins. The hopes, dreams, and wants of each character are apparent throughout and leave the viewer with a coherent understanding of what went wrong and what went right. The story takes a Disneyesque twist toward the end, which could have and should have been avoided. But for those who can’t be satisfied without “happily ever after,” this movie delivers.