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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Movies Can Be Poorly Duplicated, Too

The battle animation is top notch, with dazzling color and detail. Fortunately, the technical quality makes up for what is, plot-wise, a pretty routine story with dialogue that has been uttered in various forms hundreds of times by cowboys, cops, soldiers, spacemen, and super heroes through decades of films, movie serials, television shows, and cartoons. Of course, that is nothing new for the Star Wars franchise. It has always borrowed heavily and recognizably from these genres, and that is partly why it works so well. People love a ripping action story altered slightly, but with the basic premise—good guys battle bad guys and, after several hardships, near escapes, and fights, they finally triumph—intact. The target audience will, however, enjoy it more than their older brothers and sisters—and their parents. I doubt the retread plot and dialogue will win new devotees to the leagues of Star Wars enthusiasts.