Arts and Faith "The best place on the Web for discussion of Christian faith, the arts, and much more." Say no more. Or a great deal, if you like.
    Ethics Daily's Culture Dept. Where one of my favorite colleagues, Cliff Vaughn, does (part) of his thing. He also makes documentaries.
    Faith and Film Critics Circle "To develop a stronger presence of mature, intelligent film criticism by Christian writers in the cultural dialogue on cinema." And discuss the all-important question: shouldn't there be an apostrophe associated with "critics" somehow?
    FilmChat "Not all posts will be film-related, but film will always be just around the corner." Peter T. Chattaway's blog... He chats. He's good at that.
    Hollywood Jesus "Pop Culture from a Spiritual Point of View." And a place where Jenn and Greg hung their shingles for a good long time. Greg is now Managing Editor there.
    Looking Closer "To look in-depth at good movies, celebrating and examining 'the good stuff' in each one." Greg and Jenn contributed there once upon a time.
    Looking Closer Journal "Jeffrey Overstreet on movies, music, artists, faith, culture, and more." He free-associates. We read, and maybe comment.
    Otherwise Known As Kevin Miller (XI) The blog of a former Hollywood Jesus colleague. He's writing films now. Wow. And they've actually gotten distribution deals. Keep an eye on this guy. Terry Mattingly's syndicated weekly "On Religion'' column for Scripps Howard. Not always on the mark, but always on.